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Decommission - 3GEES (Geelong Sth VIC) CORSAllDayRTK Operations have been advised that the CORS base at 3GEES (Geelong South VIC) will be decommissioned on the 27th November 2017 and further advise that a new CORS base, has been installed in Geelong to replace it.
It is recommended that AllDayRTK customers working in or around the vicinity of 3GEES (Geelong South VIC) CORS base should re-localise their respective jobs/projects from the 28th November 2017. Survey customers should check the AllDayRTK web Portal for information on the new 3GLNG CORS Base if required.
17/11/2017 0:00:0030/11/2017 0:00:00INFO
Planned upgrade & outage 2SIL2 26th Oct - 11th Nov 2017AllDayRTK Operations team advise there will be a scheduled outage for the base at Silverwater NSW (2SIL2) so that the roof at this site can be repaired. At the same time AllDayRTK technicians will upgrade the GPS antenna for this base to a Topcon PNA5 GPS antenna. Please see attached PDF for more information.20/10/2017 0:00:0014/11/2017 0:00:00OUTAGE
6DAR2 (Darwin - Stuart Park 2 NT) antenna model errorAllDayRTK Operations advise that the 6DAR2 (Darwin – Stuart Park 2 NT) has an error in the antenna model. Services have been affected from 07th September 2017 to 10th November 2017. From 10th November 2017, the antenna model has been corrected and service operation is back to normal, customers will need to re-localise to obtain correct position and elevations.
Please see attached PDF for more info.
07/09/2017 00:00:0010/11/2017 00:00:00ALERT
LPI CORSNET - Antenna changesThe AllDayRTK Operations Team have been advised by LPI CORSNET that they are upgrading their network to Multi GNSS capability over the coming months. As such many of their bases will be upgraded and some have already been upgraded and it is important to note that other networks are doing the same. It is important to regularly check base Rinex information from the website of respective Networks. Please see attached PDF for more info.01/09/2017 0:00:0030/10/2017 0:00:00INFO

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